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Vanilla Rose 300ml candle


Our Vanilla Rose Candle is the first product in our candle range. This candle is made with 100 % Pure soy wax and is infused with Tonka Vanilla and Rose fragrance oils.

This Candle is currently available in our beautiful 300ml Amber Glass Jar with an elegant Rose Gold lid. This makes it an elegant touch to your living space and makes for a lovely gift too!



Our candles are made with 100% pure, organic soy wax and infused with Tonka Vanilla and Rose fragrance Oils. Soy wax is rich in vitamin E and has moisturising properties, making it suitable to use for massages. You can also dip your fingers in the warm melted wax and use as a nourishing hand balm. Making candles has been one of our most invested product range- from sourcing quality soy wax, to getting the perfect blend and ideal jars that are elegant and classy too. Our candles are intended to not only look pretty, but to also smell pretty good too!

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