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Our Intention & Action

Our Intention is to dedicate our time into sourcing superior quality essential oils, pure cold-pressed base oils and ingredients close to nature, to bring you only the best of Aromatherapy

No Artificial Ingredients

Sustainably Sourced

Made In SA

Happiness Guaranteed

What we offer

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We offer you ready-to-use, ready-to-apply and ready-to-gift options

– Aroma Blends : Massage & Bath oils
– Aroma Rubs : Soothing & uplifting balms
– Aroma Skin : Gentle, soothing skin care
– Aroma Hair : Natural Hair Care
– Aroma Scents : Room & Linen Mists
– Diffuser Oils
– Luxury Soy Candles

Aroma Oil Blends

At Aroma Senses, we have taken the initiative and made it our purpose to provide you with aromatherapy blends that are a ready for you use. We have taken the hassle out for you, to have to source separate essential oils and figuring out which base oils work best, as well as what ratio to use to blend and then sitting with many bottles of un-used essential oils.

Our oil blends are super easy to use in versatile ways.
Here, we share some ideas on how you can use our
trusted oil blends:

In Massages – full body or as required. Please note that only a specified range of blends can be used for your face.

As a Bath Oil – Add 10ml of your favourite oil blend to your bath water, mix in gently with your hand to allow oils to infuse. Enjoy a healing, relaxing soak for 10-15mins.

Inhalation – we have specific diffuser oils which are most appropriate for use in facial steamers and inhalation.

As a compress – add 10ml of your favourite oil blend to your bowl of water (hot for hot compress, cold for cold compress) dip a small towel or face cloth in the water and wring out the excess water. Apply the damp cloth to the affected area.

Warm/hot compresses are suitable for period pains, abscesses and are ideal for bed-ridden patients.

Cold compresses are ideal for swelling, sprains, bruises, headaches, sore eyes, fever etc.

We also have an eye pack as a ready to use compress – simply place in the freezer to use as a cold compress and heated in the microwave for a warm compress. Please refer to our soothing bags page

Vaporisation – we have specially formulated diffuser oils which can be used in ceramic burners, electric diffusers and some humidifiers – kindly check usage instructions of your device.

Aromatic – We offer Aroma pulse point rollers which you can dab onto your pulse points for immediate relief. Please use with care on sensitive skin and skin exposed to direct sunlight.

How to use and get optimum use of your oil blends

We use cold-pressed 100 % natural grapeseed oil in our oil blends. We do not add any chemicals or harsh preservatives. Wheatgerm is our trusted ingredient as a natural preservative. Our oils are bottled in dark amber glass bottles, to not absorb light and heat. To get the best results and continued quality of your product, we advise you to please store your product in a cool damp; dry area.

Please also store away from children.
For best results, oil blends should be best used within three (3) months of opening.

Aroma Blends Range

These are available as:
– Aroma Pulse point rollers (R80)
– 50ml oil blends (R140)
– 200ml blends (R240)
– Salon size is available on special request (500ml)