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Pre-Natal Care (200ml) Massage Oil


The Maternal Range is available only in 200ml bottles, because we know that mum’s need extra love and support during these special moments.

Can be used to Massage the new mum / Put in the Bath tub for an uplifting, relaxing and soothing soak.


I remember the days when I was expecting both my kids and I also remember how good a loving massage felt – especially on days when I was feeling so uncomfortable in my own body (yet excited to be carrying another life within me). This Blend is intended to help you ease into these days of pregnancy and to help you physically, as well as emotionally. This blend is so gentle, that it will also help you find ease with the nausea and morning sickness.

You can use this oil blend as part of your shower routine, by adding a few drops on your sponge or loofah. You can also use it as a massage oil, a bath oil and as a body oil as a body moisturizer.

Please remember to hydrate your body with good quality water, rest when you can and, reach out if you need help – physically and emotionally.