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Breathe 50G (Solid Balm)


50g Tub

This blend has been so popular over our winter months and also during the waves of the covid pandemic. It has helped so many people, as a support while they recovered from congestion, tight chests and difficulty breathing. This blend feels so soothing, that it makes us feel nostalgic of times when we were young and our mums used to tie a cloth with a piece of camphor on our vests, to take the cold out. Our breathe blend is infused with this trusted love of a mother, who wants her child to recover and be well again. Even as adults, we also want to be loved and cared for, when we are not well. This is your go-to blend when feeling under the weather. Our breathe blend is also available as a soothing Aroma Oil Blend.

Application: Rub your chest, back and feet for optimum relief. Use at bedtime only and keep body warm after applying. Breathe rub can also be used chaffed nostrils (only externally). Please apply on a small area of skin, to test for sensitivity.



Another Easy Alternative To Our Candles/ oil blends. This is a more solid texture, for those of you who prefer not to have an oil mess or stain.

Our balms and rubs are totally free from petroleum jelly and harmful chemicals. Organic bees wax and cold pressed grapeseed oil are melted together to form our balm base. Into this, we add essential oils and other therapeutic herbal oils to create a formulation that is infused with benefit and ease.

To Apply: Rub back of chest, front of chest, neck and back of neck(nape) area at bedtime. for added benefit, also rub under the soles of your feet at bedtime. put socks on for about 30minutes and then remove them before tucking into bed.

This rub helps with congestion and irritation that arises from frequent coughing.