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Relief 50g Balm


50g Tub

Our Relief balm is an infusion of essential oils such as clove, cypress and other soothing oils that are known to soothe, ease tired muscles and joints. Our Balm also has Black Seed oil- which is known as a miracle oil that is promised to bring relief.  Our Breathe is also available as a soothing Aroma Oil Blend, for those of you who prefer the feel of oil on your skin. the Balm is a non-sticky option to the oil blend. Both the balm and oil are infused with the same essential oils.

Our Relief blends are also infused with essential oils that help to improve circulation, thereby enhancing your body’s ability to heal with ease.

Application: Gently rub or massage onto affected area until absorbed into the skin. Please do not use on broken skin areas and do a skin patch test by applying on a small area of your skin, to rule out any sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

For best results, use with our range of soothing bags.



Our balms and rubs are totally free from petroleum jelly and harmful chemicals. Organic bees wax and cold pressed grapeseed oil are melted together to form our balm base. Into this, we add essential oils and other therapeutic herbal oils to create a formulation that is infused with benefit and ease.