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Hair Care Oil Blend 200ml



Our Hair Care oil blended is a well- thought blend of bases oils mainly being almond oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil and olive oil. These base oils are known to soften and; strengthen your hair, prevent hair loss and split ends. The grapeseed oil is a lightweight oil that helps to control fizzy hair. Argan oil is well-known in the hair care industry for its ability to prevent hair loss and to protect your hair from everyday damage. Olive oil- our humble kitchen staple has a soothing impact on your scalp, thereby giving the roots of your hair that much needed care. To this, we have added essential oils that bring our natural shine of your hair, repair hair shaft and prevent hair loss.

Application: pour some oil into the palms of your hands and allow the body heat to gently warm the oil. Massage onto your scalp using your fingertips – this helps the oil to get the roots of your hair. Also apply to the ends of your hair. Allow the oils to soak into your hair for a minimum of 2 hours or ideally overnight. When washing your oiled hair, apply shampoo to the dry hair before washing it with water.

For optimum results, spray Aroma Senses hair tonic onto your towel dried hair and style as normal.

Best results are obtained with applying the hair oil at least once a week.



Like all our products, the hair care range is also born out of the need to turn to ancient roots of health in our modern-day routes to health. These products also came together when there was a need in the family and as a result, these products became part of the trusted Aroma Senses family, offering you beautiful, lush, soft and strong hair too!