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Hair Tonic 50ml



This is a leave-in hair spray. We have used organic herbs to make this infusion and then enhanced this infusion with essential oils that strengthen your hair and encourage hair growth. This became my favourite when my hair started thinning after I had my second baby. Almost 10 years later, it has become a favourite for everyone who is struggling with hair loss and thinning. Our hair tonic is easily absorbed into the hair shaft, without leaving and oily residue and has a refreshing scent.

Application: best used on damp, towel-dried hair. Spray the hair tonic generously into the scalp and use your fingertips to distribute into the roots evenly. Style your hair as normal. use hair tonic after every wash.




*Along with our Amazing Hair oil we offer you this hand blended essential oil infused hair tonic which gives you even more gorgeous looking shiny hair with just a few sprays*