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Musallah & Burkha Scent



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Enhance the focus in your salaah with our beautiful scents!
For years, we have been part of your homes with our Oud range of candles, diffuser oils, and room & and linen mists.
Our Musallah & Burkha Scents are intended to enhance your salaah time 💕

Did you know that beautiful scents attract Angels ? Well, now you do!

We have three unique scents to choose from :
Zahraa – Beautiful florals with a hint of vanilla.

Pomegranate & Sage – a sweet and slightly citrus scent with a fruity top note.

Amber & Oud- Woody and deep. This has been our most popular Burkha Scent.

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Zahraa, Pomegranate & Sage, Amber & Oud