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Breathe Oil Blend


Our 10ml Roll on Sticks are a handy gloss stick that easily fits into your pocket or handbag. The 50ml Oil Blend is a handy home remedy to add to your health box. the 200ml oil blend is ideal to use in massage therapies.

Our breathe oil blend is a nurturing blend of camphor, eucalyptus, pine and basil. This enhanced combination comes handy when we are having the sniffles and congestion. It works well in a facial steamer, for inhalation to create warmth and relief. You can also use this blend in a compress to ease sinus congestion and to help with draining the sinuses.

To Use, simply apply on sinus points- the cheek bones, along the back of your ears and down the sides of your neck and temples too.

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Our oil blends are super easy to use in versatile ways. Here, we share some ideas on how you can use our trusted oil blends:

In Massages – full body or as required. Please note that only a specified range of blends can be used for your face.
As a Bath Oil – Add 10ml of your favourite oil blend to your bath water, mix in gently with your hand to allow oils to infuse. Enjoy a healing, relaxing soak for 10- 15mins.
Inhalation – we have specific diffuser oils which are most appropriate for use in facial steamers and inhalation.
As a compress – add 10ml of your favourite oil blend to your bowl of water (hot for hot compress, cold for cold compress) dip a small towel or face cloth in the water and wring out the excess water. Apply the damp cloth to the affected area.
Warm/hot compresses are suitable for period pains, abscesses and are ideal for bed-ridden patients.
Cold compresses are ideal for swelling, sprains, bruises, headaches, sore eyes, fever etc. We also have an eye pack as a ready to use compress – simply place in the freezer to use as a cold compress and heated in the microwave for a warm compress. Please refer to our soothing bags page
Vaporisation – we have specially formulated diffuser oils which can be used in ceramic burners, electric diffusers and some humidifiers – kindly check usage instructions of your device.
Aromatic – We offer Aroma pulse point rollers which you can dab onto your pulse points for immediate relief. Please use with care on sensitive skin and skin exposed to direct sunlight.

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