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Relief Oil Blend


Our Relief balm is an infusion of essential oils such as clove, cypress and other soothing oils that are known to soothe, ease tired muscles and joints. Our Balm also has Black Seed oil- which is known as a miracle oil that is promised to bring relief.  Our Breathe is also available as a soothing Aroma Oil Blend, for those of you who prefer the feel of oil on your skin. the Balm is a non-sticky option to the oil blend. Both the balm and oil are infused with the same essential oils.

Our Relief blends are also infused with essential oils that help to improve circulation, thereby enhancing your body’s ability to heal with ease.

The 10ml gloss stick is so helpful to use when having a headache or your neck muscles are feeling tight. To apply, massage your temples and sore parts with a gentle rolling movement, while allowing the oils to penetrate into your skin.

The 50ml Oil Blend is a handy remedy to keep in your home, for those days when someone pulls a muscle or has muscle stiffness and spasms.

The 200ml Oil Blend is a valuable addition to massage therapy rooms. Take it with you, for your next massage with your favourite massage therapist!

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Our oil blends are super easy to use in versatile ways. Here, we share some ideas on how you can use our trusted oil blends:

In Massages – full body or as required. Please note that only a specified range of blends can be used for your face.
As a Bath Oil – Add 10ml of your favourite oil blend to your bath water, mix in gently with your hand to allow oils to infuse. Enjoy a healing, relaxing soak for 10- 15mins.
Inhalation – we have specific diffuser oils which are most appropriate for use in facial steamers and inhalation.
As a compress – add 10ml of your favourite oil blend to your bowl of water (hot for hot compress, cold for cold compress) dip a small towel or face cloth in the water and wring out the excess water. Apply the damp cloth to the affected area.
Warm/hot compresses are suitable for period pains, abscesses and are ideal for bed-ridden patients.
Cold compresses are ideal for swelling, sprains, bruises, headaches, sore eyes, fever etc. We also have an eye pack as a ready to use compress – simply place in the freezer to use as a cold compress and heated in the microwave for a warm compress. Please refer to our soothing bags page
Vaporisation – we have specially formulated diffuser oils which can be used in ceramic burners, electric diffusers and some humidifiers – kindly check usage instructions of your device.
Aromatic – We offer Aroma pulse point rollers which you can dab onto your pulse points for immediate relief. Please use with care on sensitive skin and skin exposed to direct sunlight.

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